UV Sterilizer Chamber


UV Sterile Chamber

Cleanair® UV sterilizer chambers are designed to sterilize small objects such as, personal protection kits, medical kits, surgical tools etc before being carried into a hospital or diagnostic labs or micro biology labs etc. These small objects are easily sterilized when exposed to UVC radiation for about 30 minutes inside Cleanair® UV sterilizer chambers.

Important features of Cleanair® UV chambers includes; electronic timer controlled Automatic UV off with audio visual display, Auto UV off if the door is opened accidentally, LED indicators for door open / close indication, lapsed timer to monitor the life of UV lamp usage etc. Cleanair UV chamber available with the options such as two tray, four tray or six tray etc.

Working Size W 550 x D 550 x H 1000 mm
Overall Size W 600 x D 600 x H 1200 mm
Number of trays Four numbers of each 450 x 450 mm, Pull to open type
Number of UV lamp Six numbers, three each on left and right side
Type of UV lamp UVC, Philips Holland made, 3ft, 30W, 256 Nanometer
White Light Two LED 2ft lights, works only when the door opened
Controls 0 to 60 minute Electronic off timer, Door Auto UV off if door opened, Lapse timer for UV used hours, LED indicators
Power Supply 20V, single phase
Material Made from 1.2mm GI with epoxy powder coated finish
Front door Swing type door with telescopic sliders & SS handles
Overall weight Approx. 125 Kg