Cleanroom Air Shower System Manufacturers

Air showers are installed to avoid contamination through personnel entry in to a cleanroom. Air Showers employ concentrated airflows to lift off contamination such as lint, dirt, dust etc., while an individual walks through chamber. The high velocity air from jet nozzles ensures efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter. Contaminated air then flows through sidewalls of the air shower and flows through pre filters and final HEPA filters.

Clear Air India is a leading provider of cutting-edge Cleanroom Air Shower solutions, specializing in the design and manufacturing of Air Shower Entry Systems that play a pivotal role in maintaining pristine cleanroom environments. Located in Chennai, India, Clear Air India has established itself as a trusted Air Shower Systems manufacturer in Chennai. Clean Air India’s commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in its state-of-the-art Air Shower Systems, which are engineered to efficiently remove contaminants from personnel and materials before entering critical cleanroom areas.

Clear Air India takes pride in offering Air Shower Systems price competitively without compromising on quality. Their dedication to research and development enables them to provide cost-effective solutions, making them the preferred choice for businesses across India. Whether you require an Air Shower System in Chennai or anywhere else in India, Clear Air India expertise as an Air Shower System manufacturer in India is unparalleled, ensuring that your cleanroom facilities adhere to the strictest cleanliness and contamination control standards.

Air Shower System Price & Special Features

Sizes available to suit various site conditions with direct or diagonal entry/exit.

Available in SS 304, SS 316, PU Coated GI, Melamine Laminated Wood materials.

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