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Cleanair™ make Powder containment booths are used to control the hazardous emissions of powders, dust or vapors during powder dispensing, product sampling, or bag dispensing, etc., without risk to the operator or environment. The downdraught prevents airborne dusts caused by weighing and dispensing operations rising into the operator's breathing zone. The air forced downwards is extracted at low level into the booth's filtration system where dust particles are contained at each level of filtration prior to being re-circulated back into the booths'' air stream.
Powder Containment Booths
Cleanair™ make Powder Dispensing/ Sampling Booths are designed to give mixed air flow stream for product, operator and environmental protection and used to control the hazardous emissions of dust powder during powder dispensing / sampling process. 0.3 micron downward air stream deflects air-borne dust away from the operator breathing zone which is caused in handling operation.

Dust particle available is being filtered at three levels of filtration prior to being circulated back to the booths air stream. For filling, refilling, weighing & sampling of Raw material & Components
Dimensional chart for Powder Sampling & Powder Dispensing Booths
Name of the Equipment Model No: Inner Dimensions
L x W x H
Outer Dimensions
L x W x H
CPS 226 600x600x1800 mm 680 x 800 x 2150 mm
CPS 326 900 x 600 x 1800 mm 980 x 800 x 2150 mm
CPD 436 1200 x 900 x 1950 mm 1300 x 1350 x 2300 mm
CPD 446 1200x 1200 x 1950 mm 1300 x 1650 x 2300 mm
CPD 646 1800 x 1200 x 1950 mm 1950 x 1650 x 2300 mm
CPD 666 1800 x 1800 x 1950 mm 1950 x 2250 x 2300 mm
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