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Cleanair™ Air curtains are the best suited elements to control the indoor climate in all the places where the doors cannot always be closed. The preliminary purpose of these Air Curtains is to disallow the influx of outside air through an opening. These are used to not only prevent cold air from pushing its way in, but also prevent warm air from going outside the door. They also keep the air fresh by preventing pollution, dust, insects, reducing the heating energy loses and eliminating cold draughts.
Air Curtains are extremely beneficial to the food industry, distribution and retail trade within the food sector. By installing an air curtain, the door to a room can be left open while keeping the temperature at a constant low level. In the processing, storage and transport of the articles of food this works efficiently while the door does not have to be opened and closed continuously for passing trucks. Let us take an example of Supermarket where sales promoting is efficient due to air curtains for chill room where fresh food is kept.

The Air Curtains find their use in following areas:
    • Air Conditioned Areas
    • Industrial Climate Control
    • Humidity and Dust Control
    • Commercial Areas
    • Cold Storage etc.
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